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Rakuten Symphony IS BU의 채용 홈페이지입니다. Rakuten Symphony IS BU의 현재 채용중인 포지션을 확인해 보세요


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Composing connection, conduction The human symphony

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Vision & Purpose

Our mission is to democratize connectivity everywhere by empowering telecom operators with a unified platform and marketplace to managetheir networks in the most sustainable, cost-effective, and highly performant way possible.

Our Vision Democratize Connectivity Everywhere

Our Purpose Drive Innovation into the Telecom Industry by Empowering our Customers to Become True Digital Platforms


How we work

Brand Concepts

大義名分 On a Mission: Empowerment

We believe that the only way for a business to grow over the long term is to contribute to the world so significantly that people can't imagine life without it. Our contribution to the world is empowerment, and our mission is to build a fair society by empowering individuals and companies to be successful in business and in life. The more people we can empower, the more completely we will fulfill this mission.

品性高潔 Behave Ethically: Integrity

We believe that the means of pursuing a mission are as important as the ends. Rakuten Group is committed to conducting business with honesty, sincerity and dignity.

用意周到 Prepare to Succeed: Professionalism

Though we have an important mission, unless we succeed in business we won't be able to contribute to society. To help each of us succeed, Rakuten Group has established the Five Principles for Success. By taking the initiative to prepare thoroughly and execute effectively, and by practicing the Five Principles for Success, we ensure our success.

信念不抜 Complete Commitment: Get Things Done

We face intense competition. The importance of our mission requires us never to give up. When circumstances change, we adjust our plans so that we still accomplish our goals. Through a complete commitment to Get Things Done, we make continuous progress toward achieving that mission.

一致団結 Solidarity: Succeed as a Team

Members of Rakuten Group come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Only when we work together can this diversity become an important source of strength. The employees of Rakuten Group form one big team. Through consistent teamwork, each member of our diverse team will realize his or her full potential and our entire organization will succeed.




Five Principles for Success

01Always Improve,Always Advance There are only two kinds of people in the world: Best Effort people are satisfied with the status quo; when they fail, they console themselves by saying "I did my best". Get Things Done people are absolutely committed to reaching their goals.With enough determination and effort by being a Get Things Done person you can achieve anything.

02PassionatelyProfessional Rakuten is an organization composed of true professionals. Real professionals in any field-whether in sports, the arts, science, business or anything else-only reach the top because they have the self-discipline to develop and improve themselves continuously. Only by consistently working many times harder than our competitors can we consistently win.

03Hypothesize▾Practice▾ Validate▾Shikumika Success in business depends on making and executing concrete specific action plans.

04Maximize CustomerSatisfaction Rakuten is first and foremost a service company. We're proud to serve our customers and we ceaselessly seek to improve their experience.

05Speed!! Speed!! Speed!! The internet makes the window of opportunity for every small business. Accomplish in one month what it takes other companies a year to do, because we can only win by being many times faster than our competitors.